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Investment Actions

Call – Financing from your sustainable energy projects!

Within the framework of the EU-funded project Sustainable Energy Financing Platform in Austria (SEFIPA), the Energy Changes and OEGUT Team are offering you free support for the development of your investment projects in the area of renewable energy and/or energy efficiency.

Our target groups are traders, public institutions and owners of multi-storey apartment buildings.

Our possibilities include, for example:

  1. Examination of the basic financial sustainability of the project and recommendations for action to achieve financial sustainability
  2. Help in determining a potential financing partner
  3. Support in the initial interview with a financing partner
  4. Suggestions on the development of suitable business models


You van send your project suggestions via email to The »first-come, first-served« principle applies. Submission period: 20th July 2017 – 20th July 2018. Please include the following information:

Key data for the project (example energy efficiency)​​​​​​​

  • description of the project owner (including contact details)
  • Description of other project participants as well as contractual relationships
  • Status of the project (feasibility studies, approvals etc.) and planned begin of building work
  • Technical description of the project

(for example for energy efficiency)

  • Energy consumption before, after in MWh/a
  • Energy indicators before, after
  • Energy costs before, after
  • Implemented technologies
  • Expected energy-savings for a specific time-period


Commercial description of the project (example energy efficiency)

  • Investment costs (statement of the total costs as well as the proportion of costs related to the investment in energy efficiency)
  • Expected cost-savings over 5/10/15 years? (Listed in operational and repair costs etc.)
  • Payback period of the investmen


Description of the (desired) financing structure:​​​​​​​

Who supplies how much of the required capital for which costs (personal investment, loan capital, contracting, leasing, forfeiting, etc.)?

  • Personal investment
  • (mezzanine capital)
  • Loan capital
  • Financial support – lost grant
  • Financial support – shared liability
  • Other


In what areas do you need support with respect to financing?

The Team from Energy Changes and OEGUT will contact you immediately to discuss the next steps. Please be aware that our support does not include legal or tax topics.